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Resolving Serious Tax Problems...


Tax problems may keep you awake at night or creep into our mind when you have a quite moment. Losing sleep, suffering, nagging or worry won't alleviate the stress. Only having a plan to solve your problem and acting on it will end your anxiety. Real peace of mind comes with getting the problem under control. TaxAlly can help.


Sadly, most troubled taxpayers have wrestled unsuccessfully with their tax problems for a long time only to realize they aren't able to do it by themselves.

Taxpayers who try dealing with the IRS agents on their own will often quit in frustration. It starts with the hours on hold, followed by the hundreds of intrusive questions, and finally ends with IRS demands that are nearly impossible to live with. Later, when the plan fails, you have to start all over again, usually with a much larger balance due.

All of this leads to the conclusion that taxpayers who really want to end the nightmare should hire a qualified professional to represent them before the IRS. If your problem is with income, employment, or other taxes there are provisions in the law that will allow you to achieve resolution. We can provide relief from enforced collection action and negotiate a settlement you can afford.


You may think that you can't do anything about your tax problems now because your finances are low. Actually, that may be the best time to deal with them.

This economy may have depressed your income or eroded your savings and retirement accounts. As bad as that is, it may help you to settle up with the IRS.

Don't waste the opportunity to get back on track with your taxes.You can often resolve your tax problems for an amount you can afford, regardless of the amount you owe.

TaxAlly can represent you and you never need to even speak to the IRS yourself! The time to act is now. Our LOCAL representatives can speak with you on the phone or meet face-to-face. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Did You Know...

You can often resolve your tax problems for an amount you can afford, regardless of how much you owe. The time to act is now!

We may be able to negotiate an Offer In Compromise or a Penalty Abatement. Don't struggle with your tax problems alone. Contact our local experts!


Accounting Issues

Need help with more typical accounting issues? TaxAlly has certified accountants, ready to assist you. Click HERE for details.


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